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Struggle to ‘get into’ the Bible?

Or stuck in Leviticus?

Help is at hand!

This simple system for personal study is based on the Bible’s own structure:

There are 7 types of literature in Scripture, 7 days of the week, and 7 colours of the rainbow!

Using the ribbons, you read a different part of the Bible each day: Mondays, with the red ribbon, read the Law. Tuesdays, orange ribbon, the Gospels, and so on!

Great revelation

Reading the whole Bible in such a refreshing way brings great revelation without being bogged down by other people’s programmes. Even the obscure bits come alive!

I’ve used this system for over 35 years, and it’s helped me to love and understand the whole Bible.

Some say it’s changed their life! It also makes a great baptism or new believers gift.

Or use the ribbons for sermon preparation!


•  Go at your own pace

•  Use your favourite version

•  A balance towards the New Testament

•   Built-in cross-referencing

•   Great Baptism Gift

•   Useful sermon aid

Rainbow Bible Guide

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Includes 7-ribbon marker, 20-page booklet and chart

NZ $14.95


“The Rainbow Guide is a blessing to myself and others I have given them to.

The Bible is more alive to me now than before, everyday there's always something different and it's exciting, I just want to keep reading and finding out more about who He is and why He is in my life and what His plans are for me.

The colours are pretty and the plan is simple and easy to follow. Thank you so much.” Vai Edwards

“I have enjoyed using the rainbow ribbons. I read 3 chapters each day, I find it has given me a freshness to reading the Bible. It allows me to see and discover things I may well have glossed over.  It has changed the way I had been reading the Bible, I now find it more exciting to keep reading.” Barbara

Others have said, “Brilliant resource.” “The first time I have ever really enjoyed reading the Bible.” ‘It has revitalised my Bible reading.’ ‘Rotational grazing!’

“The Bible is more alive”!

Simplifies daily study

Buy now!