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The common―indeed, normal―human response on arriving home to the humdrum of day-to-day life, is topsy-turvy emotions, flatness and the blues. Coming down from the spiritual highs of team-life and Holy Spirit ministry, some even become quite depressed. I call it Post Ministry Depression Syndrome!

The Firewall

I find my firewall is always an effective defence.

First thing in the morning, I grab a coffee and settle into a one-hour quiet time.

With background soaking music, I meditate on Scripture using JF Ministries’ Rainbow Bible Guide ($NZ14.95 here), plus a psalm and a chapter from Isaiah. Staying anchored to those passages, I then apply Mark Virkler’slistening prayer’, journaling what I believe the Holy Spirit is saying. I also use three or four daily devotionals (Derek Prince, Joseph Prince, Mrs Cowman, David Watson, Bill Johnson, and others) to provide teaching.  I always come out of this time bubbling with joy and purpose for my day ahead.

Having poured ourselves out, we must allow the Holy Spirit to minister to us daily, filling our hearts daily with purpose, love, hope, faith, joy and peace. Oh, I should have said, “Daily”. Got it, you say!

A well-known psychologist, Arnold has travelled on numerous missions trips with us and others.

Arnold’ Firewall

Dealing with Post-ministry blues